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Susie Rinehart is an award-winning writer, speaker, champion ultrarunner, a mother, and a brainstem tumor survivor. She began writing her blog from her hospital bed and is now an inspiration for those facing adversity to create a Brave over Perfect life. She speaks about how she had to abandon safety to risk living her best life. For 23 years, she traveled the world as a professional guide and teacher. Now her journeys are inward as she lets go of worry and fear to author a radically compassionate, abundant life.

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CTV Your Morning
July 30, 2019

Books Column: Fierce Joy, Choosing Brave over Perfect to Find My True Voice [listen] Susie Rinehart was diagnosed with cancer two weeks after winning an ultra marathon. The 45 year old mother of two choose surgery — a procedure that lasted 36 hours. She survived and wrote about it in her new book called: Fierce Joy: Choosing Brave over Perfect to Find my True Voice.

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