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Feel the difference a culture of courage makes. The people in B/P organizations are highly creative, service-oriented, and willing to try new things. They are thriving, not anxious. They trust in their abilities and that makes them optimal performers and authentic leaders. 

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Companies for whom Susie Rinehart has spoken include Google, The Thacher School, TEDx Boulder

“The opposite of joy is not sadness, but perfectionism. The world doesn’t need you to be perfect, it just needs you find the courage to contribute to the common good.”

Brave over Perfect: Transforming the
way we study, work, parent, and lead.

In this 45 min. presentation, full of Susie’s celebrated sense of humor and practical wisdom, you’ll learn how to:

  • use the science of fear to manage stress
  • build a community that celebrates risk-taking and progress over perfection
  • how to find joy in work during turbulent times
  • separate “clean” pain from “dirty” pain
  • aim for excellence without sacrificing wellness

TEDx Boulder

Susie RinehartAbout Susie Rinehart

When Susie was diagnosed with an incurable, brainstem tumor, she was a successful leader and champion ultrarunner. Her plans to travel the world to end the gender gap in education were put on hold. She began writing her blog from her hospital bed and is now an inspiration for those facing adversity. Susie writes, coaches, and speaks full time, inspiring others to dive into discomfort, to iterate and innovate, and lead brave over perfect lives. She is a favorite speaker at schools, organizations, fundraisers, and conferences. Susie’s memoir, Fierce Joy, is a powerful meditation on how to overcome any obstacle and live a meaningful, joyful life. She is also on the Board of MAIA: Her Infinite Impact an organization aimed at maximizing the potential of young women globally. After two massive craniotomies, a neck fusion, and months of daily, proton-beam radiation therapy, Susie is thriving. She lives with her husband and children in Boulder, CO.

When Susie heard she might die young, without a voice, she picked up her pen. Writing had been a lifelong dream, but she was too much of a perfectionist to show her work to anyone. The diagnosis sparked the question, “If you make it through this, how are you going to live?” Susie’s response was to accept her circumstances and move boldly forward anyway.

For 23 years, Susie traveled the world as a professional guide and teacher (mainly at The Thacher School , the Mountain School of Milton Academy, and Where There Be Dragons). She also became a champion ultrarunner, winning the Masters division of several acclaimed races.

Now her journeys are inward as she lets go of worry and fear to author a radically compassionate, abundant life.

In 2017, Susie partnered with Christine Carter, PhD., a sociologist, author, and Senior Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. Together, they created Brave over Perfect Collectively, they have over 48 years of experience coaching people to live their best lives through the art of story and the science of happiness. You can work directly with Susie as a personal coach or as a keynote speaker.

Tips for Navigating Uncertainty 

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