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Our Infinite Impact; Our Chance to Invest in the Empowerment of Women Globally

If you’ve come to help me, don’t waste your time. But if you know your liberation is bound up with mine, then let’s work together. I believe in the truth of this message from indigenous activist, Lilla Watson. My work with Her Infinite Impact has made me braver, happier, and more resilient.
This is the one post I will write a year to encourage you to invest in the empowerment and education of girls globally through Starfish; Her Infinite Impact. The fiscal year ends on September 30th, just 8 days away. If you have already given, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
My dream? 

  • To raise $10,000 to add the desks and chairs to each classroom, the muscle to the bones of the only woman-led, indigenous-led school in all of Latin America. It is a powerful model for communities all around the world. Already, leaders from everywhere have visited the school to see how this small town created something that weaves culture and education to transform lives out of poverty. 
  • The new school building opens on January 8th. Nearly 150 students will walk through the front door. How wonderful would it be if we could fully equip all ten classes with desks, chairs, chalkboards, shelving, and water filtration units? I know we can do this. Please forward this email to someone who you think might be interested in helping!
  • $500 provides English lessons for one girl for one year; critical for her for employment
  • $250 provides family support in the form of home visits by a mentor to help the family overcome challenges and support their daughter to stay in school
  • $100 provides vocal empowerment training for twelve weeks for one girl to give her the skills to find her voice
  • Now, 100% of your donation goes directly to the girls and their teachers, because of the generosity of a donor who insisted on covering the administrative costs of running an organization
or, send funds to (please date 9/30 or before):
Starfish; Her Infinite Impact
Posner Center for International Development
1031 33rd street, suite 176
Denver, CO 80205
I share the following words with you from a speech given by the Executive Director, Norma Bajan, on Finding My Voice: 
I was tired of being called silly, ugly, dirty, Indian. I hated that my teacher called me useless, and the following years were no better. But I became stronger.

When I finally learned to say things like “I do not agree with this,” “My opinion is,” and “If you gave me the opportunity to prove what I am capable of,” my life changed completely. Then, through my voice, I got scholarships to continue my studies. I spoke up for raises where I worked. I denounced acts of corruption.

I became a leader.”

I am so grateful to have powerful leaders like her, and like you, in my life. 
With love,