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FREE Murder Mystery Party


Please consider donating $5 for the materials as a thank you;) I am a champion of girls education globally and all proceeds will go to support these two award-winning grassroots organizations: 

  1. MAIA impact
  2. African Women Rising



This party is for 12 people (but easily modified for more or fewer. You can always double up on characters). It is a mix of an escape room (challenges and hidden clues to “unlock” mystery) and a murder mystery party, designed for ages 11-13, but would work for any age, by varying the challenges.

Murder Mystery Synopsis: The Duchess of Cantabarre dies under mysterious circumstances in her manor in Cantabarre. The duchess is a widow with no children. In her youth, the Duchess was a famous singer who traveled the world performing under the name Stella. Her husband, the Duke of Cantabarre, died in a car accident while they were on tour in South Africa. She stopped singing after that. The Duchess’ manor is full of priceless artifacts, notably an African elephant sculpture, and an antique piano.


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