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Fierce Joy Book Launch

The Wait is Over!

The Wait is Over! Happy Launch Day!  We did it!  Fierce Joy is being born today. AVAILABLE NOW! Get your copy today!

“The world needs us to be fierce enough to see challenges as gifts, to express our unique selves, and to expand the limits of what is possible. The only thing getting in the way is that we get stuck trying to find our way out of pain and discomfort. There is no way to avoid uncertainty. There is no guarantee of safety.”

–from Fierce Joy

Searching for 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

I’d be so grateful for your continued help in achieving my goal to sell 1,500 copies in week one, and to reach 50, 5-star reviews on Amazon & Goodreads by May 22! If you haven’t already had a chance to purchase Fierce Joy, head over to this page to find it at your favorite retailer.

brave perfectMy memoir, Fierce Joy launches TODAY.  It is everything I know about bravery as a woman, a partner, a parent, a leader, an athlete, an activist, and a brainstem tumor survivor. Reviewers say it’s fast-paced and beautiful and funny. I say, don’t forget that it’s a love story! This is the memoir I’ve been working on in the pre-dawn darkness every day for the past two and half years. It’s about showing up real in life and at work and what gets in the way, namely perfectionism. It’s about love and death and living life to its fullest. It’s about choosing joy over fear and brave over perfect. It’s about looking underneath our fears to find unlimited joy. It’s about how our striving, saving, and performing to do things the “right” way is making it impossible for us to show up real. It’s about how Fear has become a main character in our lives, and a dangerous obstacle to real change.

Learn more, read an excerpt or order Fierce Joy here.